My name is Paige. I  have what I think are standard features of a female my age in the year 2201. Straight brown hair that reaches to the small of my back, a soft face that exudes complacency and lips that seem to be always pursed in thought. My fri… former associates have told me that my eyes seem unusually sharp, as if looking at something far in the distance all the time, but that was reflected in almost all of us. Even more so in me than every before I’m sure.

We were born into a time of turmoil, where there was only one country that ruled the entire world. At least, what was left of the world. The United Nations in the year 2109 had used their political power to set off the self destruction of the United Countries of the Americas annihilating the giant commerce giant with internal nuclear detonation, plunging the entire world into a state of financial collapse and chaos.

Anarchy reigned for decades. The United Nations broke apart. The world burned itself to ashes. Humanity destroying itself in it’s global plight to survive the collapse of the economic bubble.

And then in 2160 a seemingly immortal man came into the world spotlight.
To all of the surviving humans, he was their savior.

He preached that the world would be saved, as long as the humans from the United Countries of the Americas were completely eradicated from the face of the Earth.

An absurd speech, one that, several decades ago, would have been dismissed as terrifying, immoral, and above all a second coming of the worse genocide ever to happen in history during the second World War.

And yet, people believed him, because there was something, for once, to believe in.
The people of the UCA, as fractured as they were, still managed to hold onto their commercial prowess. The small cities unaffected by the war continued to function despite there being no central government.

These small cities became hubs, the lifelines that sustained the UCA and brought back some sense of civility into the chaos that was the world around them.

And so, because they were humans, the other people of the world felt resentment once again towards this loose connection of what could be known as city states. The new religion compounded their hatred towards these people and the “truth” that they wanted to hear pushed them to form the modern day Crusade in the year 2162 against the “heathens” of the UCA.

In the year 2163, the 8th crusade known in history, although to be precise the first of this religion, was launched against the UCA.

In 2164 the entirety of the United Countries of the Americas had been subdued and confined into slave camps where they labored until death. They were born, raised, worked, and killed in captivity like cattle. Few lived past the age of twenty, and those that were ended up being sent to the south pole for human research purposes.

In 2200 we founded the resistance against these conditions. To free the last couple thousand former UCA citizens from the yoke of oppression and homicide.

In 2201 we tasted despair… this is our story.

Read carefully. Believe nothing. Trust nobody.

The Darkness is falling.


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