“Paige…” the voice said from somewhere far away.

Five more minutes I thought to myself as I rolled over in my bed.


Who’s yelling so loudly. It’s too early to wake up.

“Paige we have to go! Now!” insisted the voice quite firmly this time, arms shaking me awake.

“What do you want,” I yawned lethargically still in my blue and white stripped pajamas. I began to crack open my eyes to my small 6×6 room filled with nothing but bare necessities. Oddly enough there did not seem to be any lights on…

“The Darkness is coming,” the voice said, all the while seeming to recede into shadows of the room.

Who’s speaking… There should not be anyone in this room… It’s isolated.

“Paige… it’s coming… It’s coming… for you…” it whispered quietly, “Wake up…”

The hairs on my neck stood up at those last words. Who was that… what was that and what is this Darkness?

Numbly I began to put my bunny slippers on and walked to the door afraid to see what was on the other side.

Slowly I opened it a crack and dim moonlight shined through.

Nothing abnormal… Maybe it was just my-

Screams began to fill my ears as rolling clouds sluggishly moved upon my suburb.

“What’s going on?” I tensely asked myself as I pulled the door open in a jerking motion to view the abnormality before me.

The clouds themselves were quiet but enormous. The entire horizon covered by them so much so that the moon’s light was becoming threatened by its presence. It looked like a fog cloud rolling in but much more opaque and blacker than the night sky, its wispy tendrils snaking throughout the streets. What froze me, however, was that when it touched something living… something… human it wrapped around the victims body until nothing could be seen. What could be heard was a different story.

Muffled screams. Then gurgles. Then a sound of flesh hitting the ground loosely. Then nothing.

No no no no no NO! NO!

I didn’t want to believe what was happening. It’s a nightmare, it’s fake, it’s not real… Or is it…? What if it is? I should run… I need to run! RUN!!!

Before I knew it I was on the outskirts of town fleeing as fast as I could away from what I could only describe as death.

Tree branches cut my face leaving red lines across my cheeks. Thorns caught on my pajamas caused small holes to form everywhere. My poor bunny slippers became brown from the moist soil beneath my feet.

How long I ran I don’t know… one thing I do know… is that The Darkness is coming.

I once took a look back at it, and it seemed to be catching up to me despite it’s former slow speed. It also seemed to be angry… why would it be angry? What have I done against the forces of nature? I’m innocent!

Hours must have passed until I reached the highway where a horse drawn carriage seems to have fallen on its side, the horse no where to be found. I can hear the people inside groaning, so it must have been recent, but I have no time to help them.

I have to flee. I have to run. I have to get away. I run past the wreck.

Paaiiigggeee… Help ussss….

The hairs on my neck raise once more as I take a brief peek behind me. Hands are creeping out from the wrecked carriage door and voices… voices are calling for me. Calling me by name.

Paiiiigggeee…. this is your fault…. YOUR FAULT!!!

The voices seem to grow louder as I increase my speed. The howls of damnation echoing in my ears for seconds before being swallowed by the Darkness.

I’m innocent… I’ve done nothing wrong!



Darkness sweeps my vision…


“Paige,” a hand gently shakes my shoulder, “Wake up… it’s time to go.”

I brush off the hand as my awareness comes to me in an instant, my eyes snapping open to the boring wooden ceiling that has become my home for the past couple years. My name is Paige.

“Let’s go Lieutenant,” I say as I sit up in my rudimentary bed and jump out of bed.

“Yes Ma’am,” said the man who woke me coming to a crisp salute.

“The Holocaust won’t stop itself, get everyone ready for the attack,” I order as I open the door to the Command Room adjacent to my quarters. Five men come to attention immediately after my entrance.

“Yes Ma’am,” they respond with much vigor.

And there… behind all five of them… are the words that play in the shadows… The Darkness is Coming…















BakaKuma’s note: Please let me know if you’d like me to continue with this story 🙂 I have many other works I would like to begin but if this one is interesting enough to everyone or anyone I’ll flesh it out and revise the prologue and complete the rest of the story for it 🙂

Mahalo for your patronage to this humble bear’s blog *bows*


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